Questions to Ask a Roofer Before Signing a Deal 

You’ll need a lot of money if you need to replace your roof. However, your roof will protect your house for a long period. This is especially true if you pick the right roofing company. You want to guarantee that you are hiring a dependable and professional roofer.  


However, before hiring a particular roofer, it is crucial to know the answers to some important questions. Because of this, before you sign a deal with a McKinney roofing company, here are several questions you should ask: 

How Can I Contact You During the Project? 

You need to hire a professional who would keep you up-to-date on each step of the project. You need to search for a roofing contractor that would talk to you regularly, from start to finish. Would they communicate with you in person, via phone, or through e-mail? If they face a problem during the job, what’s the process? How will they talk to you about this problem?  

How Would You Protect the Home During the Job? 

To help your home get ready before the job starts, you should always obtain guidelines and advice. The contractor should also do his/her job of protecting the exterior and interior of the property once on site. This will be a clear sign that the roof takes pride in their job and care about the house. This includes cleaning up debris every day, being cautious not to overload your driveway, and protecting flower beds and lawns.  

Do You Have References? 

You should be wary of companies that will not give you a nearby address or references where they completed jobs. It is certainly a red flag. Also, you should try asking the contractor if you could visit a current project to see how their workers do their job. If the roofer cannot show you an evidence of satisfied clients, there’s a high chance that there might not be any. One great idea is to check review sites. This can include Yelp, Google, Facebook, and more.  

How Long Does the Project Last?  

Obviously, you do not want the house to be unprotected for a longer period, especially summer months. A great roofing contractor should work on the project until it is complete. They shouldn’t perform a job and then leave it to do another project for several weeks, before returning to complete it. They should focus on your project alone.  

Can I See Your Licenses and Insurance? 

Every roofer requires licenses and liability insurance. You run the risk of not being able to claim for damages if the contractor doesn’t have any. Do you want someone to work on your house even if they’re already cutting corners on the documents? 

How is the Pricing Affected? 

You might feel a bit blindsided if you’ve been provided an estimate but found some additional digits on the bill. You should ask the roofer to define all possible expenses in the estimate. This should include any extra fees that you might have to consider during the project.