The fries you want / The spuds you love 



Our Roots

FryGuys was founded by sincere fry enthusiasts on the belief that good fries make for a great life. And we thought we would share our love for the spud with you! Founded by sincere New York fry enthusiasts, FryGuys is your afternoon lunch spot, quick pitstop before hitting the town, or late-night go-to when you've got that hankering for something golden, crispy, and delicious. 


Our Fries

Our fries start their life as beautiful Idaho Russet potatoes. They are hand-cut daily to ensure the freshest possible fries for your tastebuds. After a sizzling hot bath in the deep-frier, we season proportionately, and prep them for your enjoyment! We pair our frys with incredible toppings that are made from generations of homemade recipes. Oh, and we're really affordable too.